About Us

Sight and Sound Design thanks our local heroes for their untiring services. The Heroes discount is available to seniors and individuals involved in the following services or vocations:
• Fire Fighters
• First Responders
• Military
• Police
• Teachers

Call us for a free estimate and take advantage of our discount as our way of saying, “Thank You for All You Do!”

  • Automation

  • Media Rooms

  • Home Theaters
  • Networking
  • Low Voltage Wiring
  • Conference Rooms
  • CCTV

  • Have Fun

What we do

We've been where you are. We know you need a Low Voltage company who you can trust.

There's no feeling you learn to appreciate more than a company that listens to your needs. Our founders, Mark Hendrix and Robert James know it all too well. With over 50 years of experience they can provided you with any low voltage solution. Mark and Robert want to help you create a solution for your lifestyle not there's. From beginning to end, Mark and Robert would like for your experience with Sight and Sound to be something your proud to tell your friends about.